Concepts & Knowledge Test

Concepts & Knowledge Test

This page is about the Alooba Concepts & Knowledge Test. Understanding core concepts and possessing essential knowledge are fundamental skill sets that professionals across various roles require today.

The Concepts & Knowledge Test is one of the most popular assessments on Alooba, designed to evaluate over 40 essential skills. It is a cornerstone of our platform, offering a comprehensive solution for assessing both candidates and existing employees. This versatile test can be customised to meet the unique needs of any organisation, ensuring a precise evaluation of the skills that matter most.

Organisations use the Alooba Concepts & Knowledge Test to assess:

What is the Concepts & Knowledge Test?

The Concepts & Knowledge Test is a multiple-choice test designed to gauge participants' knowledge and understanding in specific areas. It evaluates proficiency in over 40 essential skills, making it a versatile tool within the Alooba assessment platform. This test is integral to assessing candidates during the hiring process or gauging the skills of existing employees.

What are the main features of the Concepts & Knowledge Test?

The main features include:

  • Full customization of questions, timing, length, and difficulty.
  • Advanced cheating prevention measures.
  • Automated grading.
  • A comprehensive question bank.
  • A user-friendly online environment.

Why shouldn't I just use my own knowledge tests?

Using the Concepts & Knowledge Test over custom tests offers several advantages:

  • Objective and standardised grading.
  • Reduction of administrative burden.
  • Improved candidate experience.
  • Comprehensive and consistent evaluation criteria. – Advanced cheating prevention.

Why can't I just ask my candidate questions in the interview instead?

Evaluating candidates' knowledge in a formal test environment is more effective than interview questions because:

  • It reduces candidate anxiety.
  • Provides a standardised evaluation framework.
  • Ensures objective and consistent scoring.
  • Allows candidates to demonstrate their skills in a realistic setting.

Can I use the Concepts & Knowledge Test with other tests?

Yes, the Concepts & Knowledge Test can be used in conjunction with other Alooba tests such as the Data Analysis Test, SQL Test, Diagramming Test, and one-way video interviews.

This allows for a comprehensive assessment of candidates' capabilities across various skills.

Can I customise the difficulty level of the test?

Yes, the difficulty level of the Concepts & Knowledge Test can be customised. Questions are categorised as Easy, Medium, or Hard. You can adjust the distribution of these difficulty levels to match the skill level you are assessing.

What topics are covered in the Concepts & Knowledge Test?

The test covers a wide range of topics relevant to various skills. The specific topics depend on the skills selected during test customization. Examples can include chart interpretation, natural language processing, MS Excel, and data wrangling for various roles.

Which kinds of roles does the Concepts & Knowledge Test suit?

The Concepts & Knowledge Test is suitable for any role that requires specific knowledge and skills. This can include technical roles like data scientists, machine learning engineer, or DevOps engineers. This can also include other roles like financial analyst, product manager, or marketing analyst.

Do I get to pick which questions go into the Concepts & Knowledge Test?

Yes, you can select specific questions from the Alooba question bank to include in your test. You can also add your own custom questions if desired. This ensures the test is tailored to the specific skills and knowledge areas relevant to the role.

Is this an online test?

Yes, the Concepts & Knowledge Test is delivered fully online. This makes it ideal for remote hiring and assessing employees working from home. Online delivery also facilitates scalable and efficient hiring processes.

How is the test structured?

The test is structured with a pre-test practice section, followed by a timed-test environment. Questions are grouped by skill, and you can choose between standard and randomised question selection. This structure ensures a comprehensive and fair evaluation of each participant’s knowledge and skills.

How do I get access to the Concepts & Knowledge Test?

To access the Concepts & Knowledge Test, start by chatting with the Alooba team or signing up directly on the Alooba platform for immediate access. This can be done through the Alooba website.

How do I add the Concepts & Knowledge Test to my assessment?

To add the Concepts & Knowledge Test to your assessment:

  • Navigate to the Assessment Configuration page.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click the "Add Test" button.
  • Select the Concepts & Knowledge Test from the available options and click "Add Test". Concepts and Knowledge - Add Test.gif

Note that only one Concepts & Knowledge Test can be added per assessment.

How long does the Concepts & Knowledge Test take to complete?

The duration of the test is customizable. Typically, assessments range from 20-40 minutes for screening purposes to 1-2 hours for more in-depth evaluations. The exact time should be balanced with the number of questions to ensure completeness and accuracy.

What is the passing score for the Concepts & Knowledge Test?

The Concepts & Knowledge Test does not have a fixed passing score. Instead, each test can have a benchmark score based on the difficulty and distribution of questions. The benchmark score typically represents the 90th percentile performance, indicating that only 10% of candidates are expected to exceed it.

How do I customise the Concepts & Knowledge Test?

Customising the Concepts & Knowledge Test involves three main sections:

  • Settings: Define the number of questions, test duration, and difficulty level.
  • Skills: Select specific skills to evaluate, ensuring that the chosen skills align with the roles being assessed.
  • Passing Conditions: Set passing thresholds and auto-rejection criteria to streamline the evaluation process.

Concepts and Knowledge - Custmise Test.gif

Can I give candidates the choice of skills to be tested?

While you select the skills to be included in the assessment, candidates do not directly choose the skills to be tested. However, the test can be configured to cover a range of skills that are relevant to the role.

Can I set different difficulty levels for different skills within the same test?

Yes, you can customise the difficulty level for each skill individually. This allows you to match the difficulty level to the specific needs and expertise required for different skills.

How do I analyse the results of the Concepts & Knowledge Test?

The Alooba platform provides detailed analytics and reporting on test results. You can view individual performance, overall scores, and detailed breakdowns by skill and question. This helps you make data-driven decisions in your hiring process.

Can I provide feedback to candidates after they complete the test?

Yes, you can configure the test to provide immediate feedback to candidates upon completion. This includes their overall score, performance in specific areas, and suggestions for improvement.

Can I update or modify the test after it has been assigned to candidates?

Yes, you can make updates or modifications to the test even after it has been assigned. However, changes will only apply to candidates who start the test after the modifications have been made. Candidates who are already in progress will continue with the original version of the test.

What makes the Concepts & Knowledge Test so valuable?

The Concepts & Knowledge Test has extensive coverage of various skills, customizability, and ability to provide detailed insights into a participant's knowledge and aptitude. Its flexibility allows organisations to tailor the test to specific roles, making it a critical component of a comprehensive assessment strategy.

How can I pay for the Concepts & Knowledge Test?

Payment for the Concepts & Knowledge Test can be made using any major credit card. Enterprise users also have the option to pay via invoice when signing up for and using the test.

See our flexible pricing plans here.

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