Hiring Managers

Hiring Managers

Hiring top talent in analytics is hard and competitive. As a hiring manager you rely on recruiters or talent acquisition to provide you with the right candidates. Empower your talent team to screen candidates effectively and fairly. Save time and money interviewing weak candidates. Make the right hire with Alooba.

Empower Your Recruiters and Talent Acquisition

We all know a candidate can put anything on a CV. Not being from an analytics background means recruiters and talent acquisition are poorly placed to screen candidates for their skills. Empower your recruiters and talent acquisition with the tool they need to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Save Time and Money

Interviewing candidates is time consuming and costly for everybody - you, your interview panel, your talent team and the candidate. Interviewing poor candidates means this is time and money wasted. Ensure poor candidates are filtered out of the process before the interview stage.

Make The Right Hire

Hiring the wrong candidate is an incredibly expensive mistake. From the salary costs, termination payments and training costs, all the way to the damage to team morale. It’s imperative that you understand a candidate’s abilities prior to extending an offer. Assess the breadth of their soft and hard skills with an in depth Alooba assignment. The candidate receives real data, from a real business and has to solve real problems.

Assess the Candidate Exactly How You Want

One company’s data analyst is like another company’s data scientist. Customise your candidate’s assessments to suit the needs of your role exactly. Choose from more than 20 skills in analytics, and 4 assessment styles.

Access Thousands of Questions

Alooba comes preloaded with over 3000 questions covering core topics in data such as: data literacy, data analysis, SQL, relational databases, Python, R, visualisations, data wrangling, product analytics, marketing analytics, data science, machine learning, data strategy, data leadership, statistics and more. All our questions are proprietary, handcrafted by seasoned data professionals. Choose from long form assignment style, simple MCQ quizzes, data analysis or open-ended pre-interview questions.

BYO Questions

Already have your own test questions? Use Alooba as your testing platform. Just use your own questions, or blend them with our proprietary test bank to create the ideal assessment. Need something additional? Reach out to see if we can develop something bespoke for you.

Benchmarking & Analytics

Unlock Alooba’s proprietary benchmarking data to understand the true ability of your candidates and team. Compare your candidates to our talent pool. Get deep insights into the candidate’s test performance. Use their results to guide your interview, probing their weaknesses.

Interview Questions

Not sure what to ask your candidates in interview? Access our interview question bank, with more than 100 questions and counting.