Graduate Recruitment

Graduate Recruitment

Grad and intern recruitment is tough work. You’re competing for a select number of candidates, most of whom have also applied to your competition. The tight deadlines means you have to progress candidates as soon as possible through the process. You’re inundated with 1000s of applications in just days, all from fairly similar looking candidates. Help retain your sanity with Alooba.

Hire The Right Grads

Make sure you hire the grads with the right skills for success. Most graduate recruitment programs focus on psychometric testing and average WAMs as a screening tool. While psychometric performance is a strong indicator of future success, why not assess candidates in the skills they need for success? Hire for skills, and your grads can hit the ground running.


With such a vast volume of candidates over such a short period with tight deadlines, automation is crucial for a successful graduate recruitment campaign. Connect your ATS directly to Alooba and automatically send candidates a test custom-designed for that role. Results will automatically appear in your ATS once the test is completed, ready for the next step in your recruitment process.

Standardised and Fair Recruitment

Remove unconscious biases in your process and level the playing field to give all candidates a fair chance, irrespective of their university or background. Set up standardised tests for each role, so you can make an apples-to-apples comparison across candidates.

Advanced Cheating Prevention

In grad recruitment especially, cheating can be an issue. Students can share screenshots of tests online and collude with each other. Make use of Alooba’s advanced cheating prevention. Contact us for more details.

Data Literacy

Most roles in modern business require strong data literacy skills. Make sure your grads are armed with 21st century skills. Assess all your candidates basic data literacy with Alooba. Assess skills such as visualisation, data interpretation, basic statistical knowledge and data wrangling.

Proprietary Test Bank

For graduate analyst and data scientist roles, choose questions from our proprietary test bank of 1000s of questions covering: SQL, Python, R, Relational Databases, Machine Learning, Statistics, Data Science, Data Analysis, Data Literacy, Product Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Data Wrangling and Visualisations. Coming soon: Splunk, Hive, Deep Learning, Cloud Tools, Scala, MS Excel and More. New subjects and questions being added all the time.