Recruitment is tough, especially in analytics. It’s also confusing. One company’s idea of a data scientist might be Tableau dashboards and a bit of SQL, while another’s might be machine learning and modelling. Navigating this ambiguity among both your candidates and your clients is challenging at the best of times.

With Alooba, you can get absolute clarity on candidates’ actual skills across all the core skills in analytics, data science and business intelligence.

Filter Out The Timewasters

We all know candidates can put anything on their CV. Don’t be left with egg on your face. Pre-qualify candidates with a simple screening test for the essential skills in the role. With lightweight tests lasting as little as 20 minutes, you get a lot of insights without slowing down the process or deterring candidates.

Prep Your Candidates

With Alooba, you can pre-assess candidates to find their strengths and weaknesses. Armed with this, candidates can work on their weaknesses prior to interview. Candidates can demonstrate strong self awareness in interview if they already have a blueprint of their strengths and weaknesses.


Add value to your clients by delivering them a pre-qualified candidate with an in depth assessment of the candidate’s skills. Once the candidate is in the door, your client already has the full picture over their background, traits and skills. Your client can guide the interview to probe the candidate’s weaknesses.

Improve Conversion Rates

Consistently delivering high quality candidates to your clients is imperative for a long term partnership, especially under a retainer model. Improve the hiring rate of your candidates by pre-qualifying them for the essential skills of the role.

Remove Barriers for Your Clients to Hire

We all know clients can be indecisive and find reasons not to hire strong candidates. Remove any doubt about your candidate by prequalifying their skills. Give your clients one more reason to say ‘Yes’.

Move Fast

Hiring in analytics is super competitive, especially for non-exclusive roles. Your candidates are actively seeking other roles right now. Don’t let them get bogged down in a cumbersome process. Automatically send all applicants a standardised test as soon as they apply for your role. Get the good candidates in front of the right client as soon as possible.