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No matter who you are, we have a range of assessments to suit your needs.

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Assess all the core skills

Quickly and fairly assess your candidates in more than 40 skills, such as data analysis, data wrangling, marketing analytics, visualizations, data literacy, statistics, machine learning, Python, R, SQL, and more.

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Assess across all the core roles

From advanced data professionals to data part-timers, we cover the full breadth of the data literacy spectrum.

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Embrace a new recruitment process

  • Decrease Time to Hire

    Replace 19th recruitment practices like reading 1000s of CVs with Alooba's infinitely scalable, 100% online assessments, seamlessly integrated in with your ATS.

  • Reduce Hiring Cost

    Empower your talent team with the tools they need to automatically screen weak candidates before interview with a skills-based Alooba Assessment, customised exactly to your role.

  • Improve Diversity

    Replace manual and biased CV reviews with objective and fair skills-based Alooba Assessments. Focus on the skills of the candidate, and not their PII.

  • Leverage Data Expertise

    With our proprietary test bank of 1000s of questions handcrafted by seasoned data professionals, you can leverage decades of collective analytics experience.

  • Increase Retention Rate

    Improve the retention rate of your hires by pre-qualifying them for the essential skills of the role. Don't hire a lemon!

  • Delightful Candidate Experience

    Enhance your employer brand and candidate experience by providing candidates with actionable feedback automatically with Alooba Assessments.


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