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Alooba Assess

Are you interviewing the best candidates or the best CV writers?

With Alooba you can pre-assess the skills of your data and analytics candidates in a fair and effective way.

Uncover hidden gems among your candidates; spot those candidates that have great skills but don't stand out on paper.

Remove unconscious bias from your screening process; give all of your candidates the same chance to stand out and be compared on an apples-to-apples basis.

Alooba Growth

A unique set of data literacy assessment programmes, made with you in mind.

Alooba Growth can be tailored to your organization’s needs to identify skills gaps within your team or across your organization.

Measure the effectiveness of your training and development initiatives.

Benchmark your team against Alooba’s talent pool and uncover data rockstars in your team.

Alooba World

Benchmark your own data and analytics skills for free

Take an Alooba test in several different skill areas. Test your skills in data analytics, data science, data engineering and data literacy.

Boost your employability by identifying your strengths and areas for growth.

Benchmark your score against the Alooba community worldwide and see how you rank among professionals in your area.

Our Clients Say

The diversity of our pool has definitely improved so we just have many more candidates from just different backgrounds which I am a huge believer in. It makes the team much better, it makes our output much better and gives us more voices in terms of building the best product and service that we can.

Piers Stobbs, Cazoo (Chief Data Officer)

Assess All The Core Skills

Our assessments are available in more than 40 skills.

Alooba Junior

A comprehensive skills assessment solution aimed at graduates and junior roles.

Alooba for University

Assess the skills of your students and benchmark them against the industry and the job market.
Ensure that your study curriculum covers the most up to date topics across all industries and employers.

It’s time to unlock your data’s full potential with Alooba