About Us

Our History

Alooba was founded in 2019 by Tim Freestone in Sydney Australia. Tim has a long dated experience in Data Analysis, Data Science and Business Intelligence. After leading the Commercial Analytics team at Hotelscombined and the BI Development team at Kayak and filling tens of analytical roles under his lead, he realised how difficult it is for companies to assess and hire strong analytical candidates in a cost effective and fast manner.

From here his decision to create Alooba, the world’s first data and analytics assessment platform. Alooba encompasses a set of tests and questions built directly by a wide group of industry leaders working for the most innovative companies in terms of Data and Analytics. Our experts work, among the others, in companies like Google, Carrefour, Citi Group, Commonwealth Bank, British Airways, HSBC, Get Your Guide, PWC, Woolworths, Optus and Westpac.

Our Mission

Since his early days, Alooba has been committed to guarantee the most effective and unbiased way to test candidates guaranteeing a diverse and fair way to compare your candidates and remove the tiring and often human biased process of manual CV screening. At Alooba all candidates are tested on the same important set of skills which would allow them to show their true abilities in their future roles. This is a proven method to uncover hidden gems among your applicants, highlighting candidates that may not have such a strong CV appeal but have outstanding skills.

Today Alooba has a team of dedicated professionals that work everyday to guarantee that companies are able to meet their hiring deadlines with the best possible fits for their roles. Our focus is to make everyone’s job more enjoyable while changing the future of data and analytics skills assessment.

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