Alooba Junior
Screen thousands of candidates at once.
Hire the Best Talents First

Hire the best graduate and interns

A comprehensive skills assessment solution created for graduates and junior roles.

Sleep safely with the best anti-cheating solution

Advanced anti-cheating prevention thanks to the Alooba Anti-cheating Algorithm that ensures the integrity of all assessments results.

Ensure that all hires have the required data literacy skills

Test all your applicants and assess their competencies across more than 40 skills and hundreds of different topics. All our assessments are based on real business problems to directly test how your candidates respond to work-like situations.

Dealing with high volumes of applications effortlessly

With Alooba Junior you can seamlessly screen thousands of candidates at once and deliver instantaneous feedback to all applicants at every stage of the process.

Wondering why you should use Alooba Junior?

Uncover hidden gems among applicants, even from early career stages.
Ensure that new hires meet company’s data literacy requirements.
Customize tests and questions to be relevant to your industry.
Delight your applicants with automated feedback.

Our Assessments Are Created By Experts Working At

Full Access to All Test Types

Alooba gives you access to our whole database of questions and tests. Choose from our fully customizable multiple choice quizzes, where you can freely select the level of difficulty and structure. Give your candidates a real business case to solve and test their hands-on job skills. Choose one of our free-response questions to have candidates delve deeper into a skill or topic.

Candidate Self Awareness Score

Before a candidate takes a test, we ask them to rate themselves from 1 to 10 for each skill in the test. We compare these self-ratings to every other candidates’ self-ratings for the same skill. We then compare this score to all other candidates’ scores for the same skills. Self-awareness means their own skill self-rating was close to their actual score achieved. If their score was higher than their self-rating, they underestimated their abilities. If their score was lower than their self-rating, they overestimated their abilities.

Build Your Own Questions

Create your own customized questions to integrate into your candidate assessments. You can use a mix of questions taken from Alooba’s database and integrate your own questions, to make your assessment as complete and flexible as you want. Store your custom questions in the question bank and use them as many times as you want. All the questions stored in your dedicated question bank will only be visible and available to your organization.

Anti Cheating Algorithms

At Alooba we strive to ensure the integrity of your assessments at every step of the process. For this reason, we have implemented cutting edge anti-cheating technology. From automated question rotation to suspicious pattern and plagiarism detection, we are always making sure that all candidates are competing purely based on their skills & knowledge.

Alooba Benchmarking Score

Alooba benchmarking gives you an idea of how your candidates rank compared to the whole pool of Alooba’s candidates. The Alooba benchmark highlights the 90% percentile candidates score of previous candidates that took a similar set of questions or a similar assessment. With our benchmarking score, you can easily understand what is the expected score from a candidate test and see how your applicants are scoring compared to the benchmark score for the same role in the market.

Candidate Cloaking

One of our missions at Alooba is to create a hiring process that is as fair and free from unconscious bias as possible. Candidate cloaking allows you to hide candidates personal information, like name, location or age and focus solely on their skills assessment. This way you can screen candidates and interview them based on their knowledge of the job whereas removing every other factor from the equation.

Detailed Reporting

We show you a snapshot of the performance at an assessment level, and then you can deep-dive into each candidate's results to see the details of how they performed. This is a great way to create a data-informed first interview. E.g. If they've performed well in some skills, hiring managers typically like to focus on the areas of weakness and explore those a bit further.

Onboarding Training Support

Our dedicated team will assist you throughout the whole process, from setting up your first assessment to inviting candidates, to giving you the most professional and dedicated help in identifying and eventually hiring the hidden gems among your applicants. Our customer success team strives to give you that premium experience that you deserve.

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