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Boost Your Data Literacy, Grow Your Company

Don’t just store your company’s data; put them to use!

Grow data literacy in your organization and start using your data to generate valuable insights and improve your company’s performance.

Identify and fill your organization’s skills gaps

An easy, scalable and data-informed way to identify skills gaps across your organization. Choose from 1000s of questions and 40+ skills to measure the effectiveness of your internal training initiatives, without biases.

Unlock the true value of your data

Invest in developing data skills in the right areas of your business and grow your team’s performance. Learn what drives change in your organization.

Spot the data rockstars that are hiding in your team

Identify highly data literate team members that can nurture and help the other colleagues and the company to grow.

Wondering why you should use Alooba Growth?

We offer a comprehensive data literacy assessment programme that is customizable to your needs.

A tailor-made report with a structured overview of your team or departments skills gaps and personalized feedback on how to achieve your strategic data literacy objectives.

A sleek user experience with detailed reporting, designed to delight your team.

Industry recognized data literacy assessment content that matches the most up-to-date common practices set by experts working in industry-leading organizations.

We Proudly Help These Companies Grow

Detailed Reporting

We offer a detailed set of reports with customised dashboards and an ad-hoc set recommendations which focus on your team’s strengths and growth areas. Our reports are fully customizable so we can adapt the information provided to our clients’ very own needs. Generally, our clients like to see stats broken down by department, units, roles, regions etc. to which we add the historical data literacy performance of your team since the assessments began. We also offer a specific Alooba Growth Score that highlights the development stages that participants and/or teams have gone through. This helps to track the effectiveness of your internal learning initiatives.

Benchmark Against Third Party Courses

With Alooba Growth, you can customize all aspects of the assessment process. Map Alooba skills to your training courses or MOOCs, to measure efficacy of these training initiatives.

Build Your Own Questions

Create your own customized questions to integrate into your assessments. You can use a mix of questions taken from Alooba’s database and integrate your own questions, to make your assessment as complete and flexible as you want. Store your custom questions in the question bank and use them as many times as you want. All the questions stored in your dedicated question bank will only be visible and available to your organization.

Self Awareness Scores

Before a participant takes a test, we ask them to rate themselves from 1 to 10 for each skill in the test. We compare these self-ratings to every other participant’s self-ratings for the same skills. We then compare this score to all other participant’s scores for the same skills. Self-awareness means their own skill self-rating was close to their actual score achieved. If their score was higher than their self-rating, they underestimated their abilities. If their score was lower than their self-rating, they overestimated their abilities.

Onboarding Training Support

Our dedicated team will assist you throughout the whole process, from setting up your first assessment to inviting participants, to giving you the most professional advice on how to grow data literacy in your organization. Our customer success team strives to give you that premium experience that you deserve.

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