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Embrace a New Recruitment Process for Data & Analytics Professionals

Decrease Time to Hire

Replace 19th century recruitment practices like reading 1000s of CVs with Alooba's infinitely scalable, 100% online assessments, seamlessly integrated in with your ATS.

Reduce Hiring Cost

Empower your talent team with the tools they need to automatically screen weak candidates before an interview with a skills-based Alooba Assessment, customized exactly to your role.

Improve Diversity

Replace manual and biased CV reviews with objective and fair skills-based Alooba Assessments. Focus on the skills of the candidate, and not irrelevant personal details like their gender, ethnicity, age & religion.

Leverage Data Expertise

With our proprietary test bank of 3000+ questions, handcrafted by seasoned data professionals, you can leverage decades of collective analytics experience.

Increase Retention Rate

Improve the retention rate of your hires by pre-qualifying them for the essential skills of the role. Don't hire a lemon!

Delightful Candidate Experience

Enhance your employer brand and candidate experience by providing candidates with actionable feedback automatically with Alooba Assessments.

Wondering why you should use Alooba Assess?

Our tests are created by experts working in industry-leading companies from a wide range of industries.

Our questions cover 100+ skills across more thousands of topics as well as real-life case studies and problems.

With Alooba, non-technical staff can carry out skills evaluations of technical candidates.

Assess Across All The Core Roles

From advanced data professionals to data part-timers, we cover the full breadth of the data literacy spectrum. Alooba caters to a wide range of roles with our comprehensive skills assessments and pre-built tailored assessment templates.

Data Analyst

Data Analysts draw meaningful insights from complex datasets with the goal of making better decisions. Data Analysts work wherever an organization has data - these days that could be in any function, such as product, sales, marketing, HR, operations, and more.

Data Scientist

Data Scientists are experts in statistical analysis and use their skills to interpret and extract meaning from data. They operate across various domains, including finance, healthcare, and technology, developing models to predict future trends, identify patterns, and provide actionable insights. Data Scientists typically have proficiency in programming languages like Python or R and are skilled in using machine learning techniques, statistical modeling, and data visualization tools such as Tableau or PowerBI.

Data Engineer

Data Engineers are responsible for moving data from A to B, ensuring data is always quickly accessible, correct and in the hands of those who need it. Data Engineers are the data pipeline builders and maintainers.

Insights Analyst

Insights Analysts play a pivotal role in transforming complex data sets into actionable insights, driving business growth and efficiency. They specialize in analyzing customer behavior, market trends, and operational data, utilizing advanced tools such as SQL, Python, and BI platforms like Tableau and Power BI. Their expertise aids in decision-making across multiple channels, ensuring data-driven strategies align with business objectives.

Marketing Analyst

Marketing Analysts specialize in interpreting data to enhance marketing efforts. They analyze market trends, consumer behavior, and campaign performance to inform marketing strategies. Proficient in data analysis tools and techniques, they bridge the gap between data and marketing decision-making. Their role is crucial in tailoring marketing efforts to target audiences effectively and efficiently.

Product Analyst

Product Analysts utilize data to optimize product strategies and enhance user experiences. They work closely with product teams, leveraging skills in SQL, data visualization (e.g., Tableau), and data analysis to drive product development. Their role includes translating business requirements into technical specifications, conducting A/B testing, and presenting data-driven insights to inform product decisions. Product Analysts are key in understanding customer needs and driving product innovation.

Full Access to All Test Types

With Alooba Assess you get access to our whole database of questions and tests. Choose from a variety of test types such as SQL coding, Python coding, Concepts & Knowledge, Free Response, File Upload, Data Analysis & Video Answers.

Test Types

Candidate Self Awareness Score

Before a candidate takes a test, we ask them to rate themselves from 1 to 10 for each skill in the test. We compare these self-ratings to every other candidates’ self-ratings for the same skill. We then compare this score to all other candidates’ scores for the same skills. Self-awareness means their own skill self-rating was close to their actual score achieved. If their score was higher than their self-rating, they underestimated their abilities. If their score was lower than their self-rating, they overestimated their abilities.

Build Your Own Questions

Create your own customized questions to integrate into your candidate assessments. You can use a mix of questions taken from Alooba’s database and integrate your own questions, to make your assessment as complete and flexible as you want. Store your custom questions in the question bank and use them as many times as you want. All the questions stored in your dedicated question bank will only be visible and available to your organization.

In-browser SQL Test

Assess your candidates' SQL skills with live coding in the browser. Choose from our expert made questions or add your own questions. All SQL tests are automatically graded, giving you the ability to scale your hiring objectively.

Anti Cheating Algorithms

We have various advanced cheating preventions in place. In order to maintain the integrity of these cheating prevention methods, they are not published publicly. Ask your Alooba account manager about these methods.

Alooba Benchmarking Score

When you create an assessment on Alooba, we calculate the Alooba Benchmark score for you, which is our predicted 90th percentile score for that assessment, based on the historical data available. This gives you an industry-based benchmark to compare your candidates against. Ideal when you're creating a new team or don't have strong internal benchmarks.

Candidate Cloaking

Our vision at Alooba is that one day we will have a world where everyone can get the job they deserve. A big part of creating that world is reducing descrimination and bias in the hiring process. Candidate cloaking allows you to hide candidates' personal information, like name, location or age and focus solely on their skills assessment. This way you can screen candidates and interview them fairly and objectively, based on their measurable skills.

In-browser Python and R Tests

Get your candidates to write Python or R code live in the browser. All Python & R coding tests are automatically graded and results are presented to you within the Alooba platform. Extend our question library by adding your own questions via the question bank.

Detailed Reporting

We show you a snapshot of the performance at an assessment level, and then you can deep-dive into each candidate's results to see the details of how they performed. This is a great way to create a data-informed first interview. E.g. If they've performed well in some skills, hiring managers typically like to focus on the areas of weakness and explore those a bit further.

Onboarding Training Support

Our dedicated team will assist you throughout the whole process, from setting up your first assessment to inviting candidates, to giving you the most professional and dedicated help in identifying and eventually hiring the hidden gems among your applicants. Our customer success team strives to give you that premium experience that you deserve.

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