Lead GIS Data Analyst

Lead GIS Data Analyst Tests

Tests available on Alooba for assessing Lead GIS Data Analysts.

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Lead GIS Data Analyst Screening Assessment

An initial screening to assess the technical skills of potential Lead GIS Data Analyst hires.

Data Analysis
Data Management
Data Visualization
Duration45 mins
Questions30 Questions

Lead GIS Data Analyst In-depth Assessment

A comprehensive assessment to evaluate the skills and abilities of potential Lead GIS Data Analyst hires, covering a wide range of technical and soft skills.

Data Analysis
Data Management
Data Visualization
Critical Thinking
Business Acumen
Written Communication
Verbal Communication
Analytical Reasoning
Problem Solving
Project Management
Duration2 hours, 30 mins
Questions45 Questions

Our Customers Say

I was at WooliesX (Woolworths) and we used Alooba and it was a highly positive experience. We had a large number of candidates. At WooliesX, previously we were quite dependent on the designed test from the team leads. That was quite a manual process. We realised it would take too much time from us. The time saving is great. Even spending 15 minutes per candidate with a manual test would be huge - hours per week, but with Alooba we just see the numbers immediately.

Shen Liu, Logickube (Principal at Logickube)

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