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How can I assess my current Data Analyst team’s skills?

You can assess the skills of your current Data Analyst team using Alooba Growth. Alooba Growth has 3500+ data analytics related questions to choose from, across 50+ technical skills, soft skills, and more. You can measure your team’s capabilities and competencies with automated grading

How do I identify the strengths and weaknesses of my current Data Analyst team?

You might also be considering a survey approach - asking your team what they think their strengths and weaknesses are. This approach is unlikely to work because people aren’t the best judges of themselves. By using an impartial third-party product like Alooba Growth, you can also remove any potential politics and biases from trying to conduct your own evaluation.

How can I benchmark my Data Analyst team’s skills?

You can benchmark your Data Analyst team’s skills on Alooba Growth. Tap into Alooba’s 50k+ data points of other Data Analysts in your industry.

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Our Customers Say

I was at WooliesX (Woolworths) and we used Alooba and it was a highly positive experience. We had a large number of candidates. At WooliesX, previously we were quite dependent on the designed test from the team leads. That was quite a manual process. We realised it would take too much time from us. The time saving is great. Even spending 15 minutes per candidate with a manual test would be huge - hours per week, but with Alooba we just see the numbers immediately.

Shen Liu, Logickube (Principal at Logickube)

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