Marketing Analyst

Marketing Analysts are a vital part of an online marketing team and contribute directly to the success of marketing campaigns. They are responsible for analyzing the market and understanding the performance of marketing initiatives as well as potential growth opportunities. While they are normally on the least technical side of the data professions spectrum, they bring to the team a superior knowledge of the product and strong business acumen. Logical and analytical combined with a strong communication ability are indisputably the strongest skills of a Marketing Analyst. They meet with key stakeholders and senior management to present results regularly. Marketing Analysts can also master basic programming and database querying and have a number-oriented mindset which allows them to easily spot patterns and opportunities within data.

What are the main tasks of a Marketing Analyst:

  • Measure the performance of marketing campaigns and other advertising initiatives.
  • Forecast and overview trends in marketing and product performance.
  • Analyze data points from current and past campaigns and provide results to management.
  • Develop reports and data visualizations to present to key stakeholders.
  • Carry out market research and product investigations to seize new opportunities.
  • Constantly optimize marketing campaigns to meet ROAs targets.

What are a Marketing Analyst’s requirements:

  • A superior communication both verbal and written.
  • Basic to moderate knowledge of SQL and database querying.
  • A good mastering of Excel, Tableau, and other main data visualization tools.
  • Logical and analytical thinking to spot trends in data and growth opportunities.
  • Deep understanding of marketing channels and different audiences.
  • Strong knowledge of SEM platforms and other marketing tools.

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