Talent Acquisition

Recruitment is tough, especially in analytics. Your hiring manager needs your help to find high-quality candidates, but we all know candidates can put anything on their CVs. Without a background in analytics, it’s hard for you to know which candidates are the real deal. With Alooba, you can remove this worry. Be empowered to screen candidates in the skills essential to the role.

Save Time

No need for any more endless CV scans, phone screening and other time-wasters. Send all candidates a standardised and fair test. Invite only those who pass to the next stages of the process.

Help Your Hiring Managers

Your hiring managers rely on you to deliver high-quality candidates. Not being from an analytical background yourself, it’s hard to know which candidates are the real deal. Use Alooba to help you separate the pretenders from the professionals.

Remove Unconscious Bias

We all have unconscious biases. We need to be aware of them and actively remove them from the recruitment process. With so much PII information, a CV is a minefield for unconscious biases. With Alooba, you can focus on a candidate’s performance in the fair, standardised skills test, and nothing else.

Great Candidate Experience

Candidates want a fast, painless and fair recruitment process. Save candidates time and hassle by allowing them to sit a short screening test at a time of their choosing. Get good quality candidates in front of the hiring manager as soon as possible. For every 1 candidate you hire, you will reject possibly hundreds of others. Make sure the candidate process is strong for all candidates, not just the successful one, by providing automated test feedback.

Move Fast

Hiring is super competitive. Your candidates are actively seeking other roles right now. Don’t let them get bogged down in your cumbersome process. Automatically send all applicants a standardised test as soon as they apply for your role. Expedite strong performers through your recruitment process.

Get The Right Candidate

Time wasted interviewing poor candidates is one thing. Hiring a candidate without the right skills is a whole other world of pain. Avoid this costly exercise by assessing candidates with precisely the skills they need to succeed.

Leverage Data Expertise

With our proprietary test bank of 1000+ questions handcrafted by seasoned data professionals, you can leverage decades of collective data experience. Be empowered to effectively screen candidates with Alooba.

Candidate Feedback

One of the top candidates complaints in the job application process is not getting feedback. Being rejected feels bad, and they want to know why. Of course, providing feedback to every rejected candidate is impossibly time-consuming. With Alooba, you have the option of automatically sending aggregated feedback to candidates showing their test performance. This transparently explains why they didn’t advance to the next stage of the process, providing valuable and welcomed feedback for the candidates.