Logikk operates as a trusted recruitment consultancy, focusing on the pivotal realms of Data and Advanced Analytics. Their geographic reach encompasses key markets such as the UK, Germany, Canada, and the USA. Their specialization lies within Data Science & Analytics, Data Engineering, and Machine Learning Research & Engineering. At its core, Logikk's approach is rooted in a service-first, community-led ethos. They emphasize building robust, enduring relationships with both clients and candidates, all the while, understanding the intricacies of the roles they recruit for. Established in 2014 by Steve Kilpatrick and Dan Lamyman, Logikk was born out of the recognition of a disconnect between rapidly evolving data-driven businesses and traditional recruitment methods. The duo realized that a comprehensive understanding of data's role in businesses, combined with unmatched client and candidate experiences, could simplify the often perceived challenging task of hiring specialized data talent. Since its inception, Logikk has been instrumental in forming transformational data teams for diverse companies, ranging from major global enterprises to innovative startups.

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