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The Analytic Mind

Data Science
By Enterprise DNA
With Sam McKay

Step into the dynamic world of data, AI, and entrepreneurship with The Analytic Mind podcast. This podcast is a deep exploration of his groundbreaking thoughts, ideas, and best practices. Tune in to be inspired and empowered by the transformative potential of data and intelligence from a leader's perspective.



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Featuring Alooba

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Hiring in Analytics and Improving Data Literacy with Tim Freestone - Ep. 40

With special guest Tim Freestone

A company’s success directly correlates with its people which is why employers and HR/talent acquisition personnel are constantly improving how they find, hire, and retain the best candidates. Data analytics plays a major role in this process. In this episode of The Analytic Mind Podcast, Sam McKay is joined by Tim Freestone, founder of Alooba, to talk about hiring in analytics and data literacy. From the big issues with CVs, and interviews, where companies typically go wrong to future trends in hiring and improving data literacy. Tim Freestone has spent his career in analytics, starting initially as a financial analyst. Throughout his career, Tim has gotten great first-hand experience in being both a candidate and a hiring manager in analytics. It’s this direct exposure to the myriad of issues in analytics hiring that led Tim to found Alooba, a skills assessment platform for data literacy, analytics & data science. Alooba’s vision is to create a world where everyone can get the job they deserve. This is a world – we can all agree – far from the one we live in right now.