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The AI podcast

With Noah Kravitz

One person, one interview, one story. Join us as we explore the impact of AI on our world, one amazing person at a time -- from the wildlife biologist tracking endangered rhinos across the savannah here on Earth to astrophysicists analyzing 10 billion-year-old starlight in distant galaxies to the Walmart data scientist grappling with the hundreds of millions of parameters lurking in the retailer’s supply chain. Every two weeks, we’ll bring you another tale, another 25-minute interview, as we build a real-time oral history of AI that’s already garnered nearly 3.4 million listens and been acclaimed as one of the best AI and machine learning podcasts. Listen in and get inspired.



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Featured Episode

UF Provost Joe Glover on Building a Leading AI University - Ep. 186

With special guest Joe Glover

When NVIDIA co-founder Chris Malachowsky approached University of Florida Provost Joe Glover with the offer of an AI supercomputer, he couldn't have predicted the transformative impact it would have on the university.

In just a short time, UF has become one of the top public colleges in the US and developed a groundbreaking neural network for healthcare research.

In a recent episode of NVIDIA’s AI Podcast, host Noah Kravitz sat down with Joe Glover, provost and senior vice president of academic affairs at the University of Florida.

The two discussed the university’s efforts to put AI to work across all aspects of higher education, including a public-private partnership with NVIDIA that has helped transform UF into one of the leading AI universities in the country.

Just a year after the partnership was unveiled in July 2020, UF rose to number five on the US News and World Report’s list of the best public colleges in the US. The ranking was, in part a recognition of UF’s vision for infusing AI into its teaching and research.