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Data Science
With Alli Torban

Crafting impactful data visualizations is a complex task, fraught with numerous choices regarding chart types, annotations, and color schemes.

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The host navigates these challenges alongside you. She brings to light the newest tools and techniques she's uncovered through her professional experience and conversations with leading designers.

For analysts, journalists, or designers seeking to refine their craft with precise strategies, this podcast may offer the guidance you need.



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Featured Episode

68: How to Future-Proof Your Data Viz Career — Featuring Dr. Jonathan Schwabish

With special guest Jonathan Schwabish

How do we future-proof our data viz careers? What skills are important now and 10 years from now as software companies come and go and $5 dashboards pop up on Fiverr? In this episode, Dr. Jonathan Schwabish and I talk about what our consultant work looks like right now and how we’re working to future-proof our careers. This is a joint podcast between Data Viz Today and PolicyViz so we'll both be asking questions.