Data Science Leaders


Data Science Leaders

Data Science
By Domino Data Lab
With Kjell Carlsson

The field of data science is experiencing rapid growth, yet integrating it on a large scale within enterprises presents significant challenges, as effective strategies are still in development.

The Data Science Leaders podcast serves as a resource for data science groups striving to extend the boundaries of machine learning capabilities within the world's most influential organizations.

Featuring conversations with data science pioneers, the podcast explores the nuances of forming and fostering data science teams, establishing scalable operations, enhancing cross-functional collaboration, and effective communication with business stakeholders.

Listeners will gain access to authentic experiences, innovative tactics, and invaluable perspectives, providing a foundation for crafting their blueprint for success in corporate data science.



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Featured Episode

Solving the AI Talent Gap: Upskilling at Scale at Halliburton

With special guest Satyam Priyadarshy

"Who doesn't have a data science talent gap? Anyone? Most organizations struggle to realize their AI ambitions because of a lack of data science skills, a disconnect between the technology and the business domain, and a lack of leadership experience with AI. Halliburton has been solving all three of these challenges with one of the earliest and largest corporate data science programs in the energy sector. In today’s episode of Data Science Leaders, we are extremely fortunate to be joined by Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy, Managing Director, Technology Fellow and Chief Data Scientist at Halliburton who shares their best practices for upskilling talent, bridging the data science - business divide, and ensuring executive engagement. Join us as we discuss: - How to upskill existing domain experts on data science methods - How to engage and drive alignment with corporate stakeholders through workshops - The benefits of upskilling domain experts on code-based data science tools - The importance of involving and upskilling leadership"