Data Engineering Podcast


Data Engineering Podcast

Data Science
With Tobias Macey

This program offers an insider's perspective on the methods, challenges, and practices within the field of data engineering. It covers a range of topics, including databases, workflows, automation, and the manipulation of data, providing listeners with a comprehensive understanding of what goes into data engineering.



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Featuring Alooba

Featured Episode

Data Driven Hiring For Data Professionals With Alooba

With special guest Tim Freestone

Hiring data professionals is challenging for a multitude of reasons, and as with every interview process there is a potential for bias to creep in. Tim Freestone founded Alooba to provide a more stable reference point for evaluating candidates to ensure that you can make more informed comparisons based on their actual knowledge. In this episode he explains how Alooba got started, how it is being used in the interview process for data oriented roles, and how it can also provide visibility into your organizations overall data literacy. The whole process of hiring is an important organizational skill to cultivate and this is an interesting exploration of the specific challenges involved in finding data professionals.