Diversity and Inclusiveness

Diversity and Inclusiveness

Alooba can help you achieve your diversity and inclusiveness goals.

Diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace have been hot topics for several years. We believe this is driven by the fundamental fact that diverse teams and companies outperform less diverse ones. Deloitte Australia, for example, published a study in 2013 showing that diverse and inclusive teams outperformed others by 80%. McKinsey showed that gender diverse companies outperform their rivals by 15%, and ethnically diverse companies outperform their rivals by 35%. Diversity matters, and Alooba can improve the diversity of your recruitment process.

Remove Unconscious Bias

We all have unconscious biases. We need to be aware of them and actively remove them from the recruitment process. With so much PII information, a CV is a minefield for unconscious biases. With Alooba, you can focus on a candidate’s performance in the fair, standardised skills test, and nothing else.

Help Candidates Get a Foot in the Door

By setting a standardised, fair, skills-based assessment as the first step in the recruitment process, you can help non-traditional candidates to get a foot in the door, giving them the best chance of success.

Level the Playing Field

Unstructured interviews, CV screening and other processes create an unequal playing field for candidates. Level the playing field by setting a standardised, fair skills-based assessment as an initial screen. Every candidate faces the same test, which makes comparing results apples-to-apples.

Unbiased Tests

All our tests are are skills-based assessments, that have clear right and wrong answers. There are no judgement calls, and no algorithm behind the scene assessing quality. Either the candidate chooses the right answer or they don’t. Our tests only care about whether the candidate got the answer right or not, not who they are.

Blind Hiring

Hide candidate PII data like names, genders and other irrelevant details when reviewing test performance. Focus just on their abilities, not irrelevant details about who they are.