Understanding the Alooba Credit System


Alooba's credit system offers the flexibility and transparency you need to navigate your hiring process efficiently, ensuring you assess precisely what you need, when you need it, without any surprises.

Here, you'll find a detailed breakdown of the credit system to help you manage and optimize your credit usage effectively.

Why Credits?

Our credit system is the backbone of our flexible and scalable hiring solution. It allows you to tailor Alooba to your unique needs, ensuring cost-efficiency and eliminating waste.

This system is built on:


Easily adjust your usage to match your fluctuating hiring needs without needing to alter your subscription plan.


With clear credit costs for each feature, you know exactly how your investment is being used.


You decide how best to allocate your resources, optimizing your recruitment strategy for efficiency and effectiveness.

Understanding Your Credits

Credits serve as the currency within Alooba, providing access to various features and services as your needs dictate. Each subscription plan includes a certain number of credits, and additional credits can be purchased as your needs expand.

Core usage

Credits for core components of the Alooba platform are:

ItemCredit CostUnit
Active User3,000 creditsPer User/Month
Active Alooba Assess Assessment25,000 creditsPer Assessment/Month
Alooba Assess Candidate Invite70 creditsPer Invite

Premium Features

Our premium features offer deeper insights and enhanced engagement opportunities:

Video Responses1 creditPer SecondGain detailed insights with video answers from candidates.
File Uploads10 creditsPer MBEvaluate complex candidate submissions directly within the platform.
SMS Reminders10 creditsPer SMSBoost engagement and assessment completion rates.
Snapshot Analysis1 creditPer MinuteLeverage AI-driven analysis of regular snapshots taken of candidates while they take the assessment to identify candidates potentially trying to gain an unfair advantage.
Real-Time Monitoring10 creditsPer MinuteEnsure the integrity of the assessment process with live monitoring and recordings of the candidate's screen and camera.
Automated CV Screening30 creditsPer CVAutomatically identify potential matches from within a set of CVs even before they take an assessment.
Alooba Jobs Posting5,000 creditsPer Job/MonthPublish your vacancy's job ad on Alooba Jobs.

Other Alooba Products

Credits can also be used for Alooba Junior assessments and Alooba Growth exercises.

ItemCredit CostUnit
Active Alooba Junior Assessment60,000 creditsPer Assessment/Month
Alooba Junior Candidate Invite20 creditsPer Invite
Active Alooba Growth Exercise8,000 creditsPer Exercise/Month
Alooba Growth Employee Invite3,000 creditsPer Invite

Additional Services

If you're looking for something specific, our experts can cover new question areas or make bespoke changes to the platform.

ItemCredit CostUnit
Customised QuestionsFrom 20,000 creditsPer Question
Customised DevelopmentFrom 30,000 creditsPer Hour

Purchasing Additional Credits

When your initial subscription credits are exhausted, additional credits can be purchased to continue leveraging Alooba's full capabilities.

Credit Bundle Options

Choose from our credit bundles, designed for flexibility and savings:

Bundle CostCredits IncludedSavings
USD20030,000 credits-
USD50078,000 credits3% Savings
USD1,000160,000 credits6% Savings
USD2,500425,000 credits12% Savings
USD5,0001,000,000 credits25% Savings

Auto-top up of Additional Credit

When your account's credit balance falls below your configured predefined threshold, the system will automatically purchases your selected bundle for you, using the payment method on file. This ensures your hiring process never hits a pause due to running out of credits. This process not only ensures uninterrupted access to Alooba's comprehensive suite of assessment tools but also removes the need for manual monitoring and purchasing of credits, allowing you to focus on what matters most—finding the right talent for your team. With auto-top up, you maintain continuous operation, and because it's customizable, you have control over the top-up settings, including the threshold for activation and the amount of credits added, ensuring alignment with your hiring needs and budget.

Credit Consumption & Expiry

Subscription credits, allocated as part of your chosen package, are used first to cover your platform activities. Only when your subscription credits are fully utilized will the system begin to consume any additional credits you've purchased. This ensures that you get the most out of your initial subscription benefits before tapping into extra resources. Unlike subscription credits, which refresh based on your billing cycle, additional credits offer extended usability, expiring 365 days after purchase.

Practical Examples of Credit Usage

Scenario 1:

Objective: A single hiring manager looking to assess candidates up to 100 candidates a month for one role.

Details: 1 user, 1 assessment, 100 candidate invites per month.

Credit Breakdown:

  • Active Users: 3,000 credits (1 user x 3,000 credits).
  • Active Assessments: 25,000 credits (1 assessment x 25,000 credits).
  • Candidate Invites: 7,000 credits (100 invites x 70 credits each).

Total Credits Needed: 35,000.

Scenario 2: Hiring for a small team

Objective: A small team looking to fill vacancies across two roles with hundreds of applicants per month.

Details: 5 users, 2 assessment, with 500 candidate invites per month.

Credit Breakdown:

  • Active Users: 15,000 credits (5 users x 3,000 credits each).
  • Active Assessment: 50,000 credits (2 assessments x 25,000 credits each).
  • Candidate Invites: 35,000 credits (500 invites x 70 credits each).

Total Credits Needed: 100,000 credits per month.

Scenario 3: Large scale hiring

Objective: A larger team looking to fill vacancies across multiple different roles with thousands of applicants per month.

Details: 10 users, 4 assessments, and 2,000 candidates invited per month.

Credit Breakdown:

  • Active Users: 30,000 credits (10 users x 3,000 credits each).
  • Active Assessment: 100,000 credits (4 assessments x 25,000 credits each).
  • Candidate Invites: 140,000 credits (2000 invites x 70 credits each).

Total Credits Needed: 270,000 credits per month.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Subscription Credits are included as part of your monthly or yearly subscription plan with Alooba. These credits are allocated at the beginning of each billing cycle and are designed to cover your core platform usage, including accessing users, assessments, and invites.

Additional Credits can be purchased separately at any time to extend your platform's capabilities or to access premium features.

While subscription credits reset at the end of each billing cycle, additional credits have a longer lifespan and only expire 365 days after purchase, offering more flexibility for longer-term planning. Both Subscription Credits and Additional Credits have the same value, and can be used interchangeably within Alooba. The only difference is in the allocation and expiry of the credits.

If your account's total credit balance (subscription plus additional credits) falls below a certain threshold, the auto-top up feature will automatically purchase more credits for you, ensuring uninterrupted access to the platform. If auto-top up is disabled or if a purchase fails (e.g., due to a declined payment method), your account may face restrictions on further usage until additional credits are successfully acquired. Rest assured, candidates who have already been invited to assessments will still be able to complete them, but viewing their results may be delayed until your account is replenished with credits.

Yes, discounts are available when purchasing additional credits in bulk. The more credits you buy at one time, the bigger the discount. This is designed to provide better value for organizations with larger or more frequent hiring needs, allowing you to optimize your recruitment budget effectively. For specific discount rates and bundle options, please refer to our Purchasing Additional Credits section above, or contact your account manager for personalized advice.

Unused subscription credits expire at the end of your billing cycle and do not roll over to the next period. This policy is in place to encourage active and strategic use of the platform's features within each subscription term. To maximize the value of your credits, we recommend planning your hiring activities to align with your credit availability. If you're looking to optimize your credit usage further, it may be benefitial to consider switching to an annual subscription. With an annual plan, you be allocated the full year's credits upfront, offering more flexibility to manage seasonal hiring needs or larger projects without worrying about monthly credit expiration. This can also be a cost-effective option, as our annual subscriptions come at a discounted rate. If you're interested in exploring how an annual subscription could benefit your organization, please contact your account manager for more details and personalized advice.