So you’ve been invited to take a test with Alooba? Congratulations! You’ll face a test customised by the company to suit the role they’re hiring.

Invitation Email

You should have received an invitation email from Alooba to complete your test. Each test has an expiry date, so make sure your take your test as soon as possible before then.

Get Your Foot In The Door

All you need is your opportunity to shine. Get your foot in the door by passing the Alooba screening test. A fair, unbiased and standardised test assessing the essential skills of the role, and nothing irrelevant.

Avoid Unconscious Biases

With a standardised skills based assessment, you get measured based on your ability to carry out a role, and nothing else. Your name, gender, school or anything else becomes irrelevant.

Strong Candidate Experience

With Alooba, we’re determined to provide a strong user experience to both our customers and our candidates. Our testing system is efficient and simple to use, and works on all major browsers, operating systems and devices. We always want your feedback if you can see improvements we should make. Please reach out here.

Test Feedback

Didn’t pass the test? We strongly recommend asking the company for feedback on your performance. They can release this at their discretion. Armed with this, you can find your weaknesses. Build up your skills so you nail your next opportunity.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice for your Alooba test with one our free tests we offer to the community. All our questions come with worked solutions and explanations. Benchmark yourself against your peers in your industry, location and experience level. Please Take our free data analytics test now.