Get an in depth understanding of your candidate’s skills with an Alooba assignment. With Alooba assignments, your candidates are asked to solve real problems, using real data, from a real business, to draw real insights! The best indicator of success on the job.

Soft and Hard Skills

A well-rounded data analyst or data scientist needs a blend of hard and soft skills. Assess candidates’ technical abilities in core areas such as programming, SQL, databases, statistics, visualisations and machine learning. Assess candidates softer skills in business acumen, communication and decision making.

Fully Customisable

Assess your candidates in the exact tasks, tools and topics that you need. Choose from our proprietary assignment bank of 20 assignments, and more than 150 questions.

Quick Turnaround Time

Once the candidate completes the assignment, we deliver our detailed candidate report and recommendation within 2 business days.

Optimise Your Team’s Time

Let us tell you a secret - your data scientists hate marking tests. Get your data scientists doing data science, not marking tests. Let Alooba take care of the dirty work!

Candidate Choice

Let the candidate complete the assignment in their favourite tools that they’re most comfortable with. Create a single assignment, but let the candidates choose their favourite analysis tools (Python, R or Excel) and their favourite SQL version (T-SQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL).

Detailed Candidate Insights

Get detailed insights into your candidate’s abilities in the candidate report. Candidate’s are assessed across as many as 10 separate skills and trait dimensions, such as programming, data wrangling, business acumen, communication skills and more.