How to Conduct Asynchronous Interviews with Alooba

How to Conduct Asynchronous Interviews with Alooba

Asynchronous interviews are becoming increasingly popular in the hiring process as they provide flexibility for candidates and help employers assess candidates more effectively. Alooba allows you to conduct asynchronous interviews with the added advantage of creating custom video answer questions to evaluate candidates' skills and abilities. Here's how to use Alooba to conduct an asynchronous interview and the benefits of using this approach.

Benefits of Asynchronous Interviews

Convenient for Candidates

Asynchronous interviews are ideal for candidates who have busy schedules and may find it challenging to attend a traditional interview in person or over the phone. By allowing candidates to answer interview questions on their own time and at their own pace, candidates can demonstrate their skills without disrupting their work or personal commitments.


Asynchronous interviews save time for both the interviewer and the candidate. Instead of scheduling a time and place for an interview, asynchronous interviews can be completed by the candidate whenever it's convenient. This way, recruiters can efficiently screen candidates without wasting time on scheduling, and can allocate their time to other essential tasks in the hiring process.

Objective Evaluation

Asynchronous interviews conducted through Alooba allow for objective evaluation. By creating custom video answer questions in the Alooba Question Bank, recruiters can evaluate candidates' responses objectively, without any unconscious bias. This way, recruiters can assess candidates based on their skills and experience rather than their personality, background, or any other unrelated factor.

Simple and Effective

Conducting asynchronous interviews with Alooba is simple and efficient. By creating an assessment that includes custom video answer questions, you can evaluate candidates' abilities and suitability for a specific role. You can invite candidates to take the assessment, and they can complete it on their own time, at their own pace. You can then evaluate the results in the Alooba platform and make data-driven hiring decisions.

Steps to Conducting Asynchronous Interviews with Alooba

1. Create Custom Video Answer Questions

To create custom video answer questions in Alooba, you'll need to add them to the Alooba Question Bank. You can create video answer questions on a variety of topics, and candidates can answer them by recording a video of themselves.

2. Create an Assessment

After creating the video answer questions, the next step is to create an assessment that includes the video answer questions you've just created. When creating the assessment, add a Free Response test, and select the video answer questions from the Alooba Question Bank.

3. Invite Candidates to the Assessment

Once you've created the assessment, you can invite candidates to take it. Alooba allows you to invite candidates manually, by bulk upload, through an integration with your applicant tracking system (ATS), or by providing a link to candidates to register themselves for the assessment. Candidates can complete the assessment on their own time, at their own pace.

4. Evaluate the Results

After the candidates have completed the assessment, you can evaluate their results in the Alooba platform. You can review the video answers and mark them against the provided marking guide. This objective evaluation process ensures consistency in the evaluation of candidates.


Conducting asynchronous interviews through Alooba offers several benefits, making them an effective tool in the hiring process. They are convenient for candidates, time-efficient, provide an objective evaluation, and are simple to conduct. By following these steps, you can create and conduct effective asynchronous interviews to find the right candidate for the job. If you're interested in learning more about how Alooba can help your company with its hiring process, please schedule a call with one of our experts.