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This page is about the skill Natural Language Processing, which is one of more than 40 technical skills you can assess on Alooba. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is about a subset of applications of Machine Learning that attempts to make computers understand the meaning behind text and speech. It became successful recently after major advances in hardware and software. Candidates are expected to talk about algorithms and approaches that made NLP a reality (Neural Networks and Deep Learning), give examples of NLP applications (talking bots, translation and more) and talk about the nature of hardware and software advances that made NLP a reality.

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What types of things are included in the Natural Language Processing skill?

The Natural Language Processing skill assesses knowledge of topics like Dependency Graphs, Distance Measures, Evaluation Metrics, Fuzzy Matching, NLP Pre-processing, Text Analytics, Text Preprocessing, Topic Modeling & Translation.

Which types of roles require good Natural Language Processing skills?

Natural Language Processing is a commonly assessed skill for roles such as Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer & Data Science Lead.

Why should we test someone’s Natural Language Processing skills?

A critical part of running an ethical hiring process that’s fair and meritocratic is having objective measures of someone’s skills. Why does ethical hiring matter? Simple - it helps you hire the best person for the job.

Robert Half reported that the cost of a bad hire is on average 15-21% of the employee’s salary.

What was the most common reason for mis-hires? A lack of the right technical skills. This a true hiring own-goal, as it’s so easily preventable through a valid, thorough skills assessment.

So, if your role requires a candidate to know Natural Language Processing well, you can validate that with Alooba Assess.

Can I test my current team’s Natural Language Processing skills too?

Yes you sure can. You can assess their skills using Alooba Growth.

Which tests can I find the Natural Language Processing skill in?

Natural Language Processing can be assessed through the Concepts & Knowledge test & Free Response test. The Free Response Test includes different answer options like written responses, video answers and diagram answers.

Can I add my own Natural Language Processing questions?

Yes, you can add your own Natural Language Processing questions via the question bank.

How do I get access to Alooba to test Natural Language Processing skills?

Feel free to reach out and book a quick discovery call here.

How difficult is the Natural Language Processing skill?

Each question on Alooba is categorized by difficulty - Easy, Medium & Hard. You can set the difficulty level to whatever you like by picking and choosing the questions that you want to include.

What else can I assess with Alooba?

You can also assess someone’s intelligence, their personality type and critical soft skills, like communication.

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We get a high flow of applicants, which leads to potentially longer lead times, causing delays in the pipelines which can lead to missing out on good candidates. Alooba supports both speed and quality. The speed to return to candidates gives us a competitive advantage. Alooba provides a higher level of confidence in the people coming through the pipeline with less time spent interviewing unqualified candidates.

Scott Crowe, Canva (Lead Recruiter - Data)