Screening Tests

Screening Tests

Save time and money interviewing weak candidates. Screen them out prior to the interview stage. Hire the right candidate by comprehensively assessing their skills prior to extending an offer. Let Alooba help you achieve your hiring goals.

Save Time and Money

Interviewing candidates is time consuming and costly for everybody - you, your interview panel, your talent team and the candidate. Interviewing poor candidates means this is time and money wasted. Ensure poor candidates are filtered out of the process before the interview stage.

Fully Customisable

Customise the test to exactly what you need. Set the time limit, number of questions and question difficulty. Choose questions from our proprietary test bank of +1000 questions covering: SQL, Python, R, Relational Databases, Machine Learning, Statistics, Data Science, Data Analysis, Data Literacy, Product Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Data Wrangling and Visualisations. Coming soon: Splunk, Hive, Deep Learning, Cloud Tools, Scala, MS Excel and More. New subjects and questions being added all the time.

BYO Questions

Have your own questions too? Make use of Alooba’s testing platform and analytics, and assess your candidates in your own questions, Alooba’s proprietary questions or a combination of both.

Automate Recruitment

Automatically invite applicants to take an Alooba screening once they apply. No need for trawling through endless CVs or phone screening candidates. Only invite top performers in for an interview.

Good Candidate Experience

Candidates crave a fair, unbiased, transparent and fast recruitment process. With a standardised skills-based test automatically sent to candidates, you level the playing field. For every 1 successful candidate you hire, there’s 100s you don’t. They crave feedback. Automatically send rejected candidates aggregated feedback on their test performance (optional).

Candidate Choice

Test the candidate’s in their favourite tools that they’re most comfortable in. Create a single test, and let candidates choose between Python or R questions, for example.

Affordable Screening

Screen candidates for $100 each. Need ongoing access? Subscribe and save. Contact us for more details.

Benchmark & Analytics

Benchmark your candidate’s performance against similar candidates from Alooba’s talent pool and against your own team. Get deep insights into candidate’s performance. Use the candidate’s results to guide your interview, probing their weaknesses.

Hiring Team

Hiring is a team sport. Invite your colleagues to help with the process.

Easy Test Admin

Get going in seconds with our role-based test templates, or customise your own to get exactly what you need. Connect Alooba to your ATS to automatically invite candidates or import a file to invite candidates in bulk.

Test Replay

See the question-by-question replay of how the candidate answered questions. Run through feedback with them in interview.

Exportable Results

Export test results of all candidates, or individual candidates with our simple export to csv feature.