Product Analyst

Product Analysts are an integral part of modern-day online companies. They are technical savvy professionals that are especially experts in running statistical analysis and modeling to ensure that websites or some particular features are working effectively. They are also in charge to set up, monitor and analyze all the testing of new features on the website. This is quite an important task, as many of the new features deployed on a website go through thorough testing and confidence checks before finally being deployed as a new part of a website.

In addition, Product Analysts are capable of constantly screening the market and competitors to come up with new product ideas and growth opportunities. They can evaluate the commercial feasibility of a new project and act between the product manager and developer team, translating both business requirements into technical ones and vice versa.

What are the main tasks of a Product Analyst:

  • Develop, maintain and present groundwork and all requirements for A/B testing new features.
  • Analyze the performance of the website or single features to understand and ensure correct functioning.
  • Manage the product-related reporting such as conversion tracking, SEO performance, landing page performance, and feature interactions.
  • Identify new growth opportunities within the product realm.
  • Run competitor analysis to identify new opportunities for product improvement.
  • Act as a liaison between the engineering team and product team.
  • Build and present reporting to key stakeholders.

What are a Product Analyst’s requirements:

  • A solid knowledge of statistical analysis and modeling.
  • Mastering the use of SQL and R/Python for data analysis and visualization.
  • Strong communication skills and business acumen.
  • Ability to speak both technical and business language.
  • Strong analytical and logical skills.
  • Ability to work in a fast-changing environment.
  • Understanding the needs of the users and actionable insights that drive change within the business.

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