Free Statistics Test

This is a free practice statistics skills test. The Alooba statistics practice test is designed to help candidates practice and for potential customers to review the candidate experience. Whether you are preparing for a data scientist or statistician role hiring process or evaluating our platform for your organization, this quiz should prove helpful.

Which skills are covered in the exercise?

This exercise evaluates a variety of topics and concepts in statistics.


This is a free practice Alooba World exercise. The exercise is a multiple choice quiz. There are 5 answer options, with one answer which is most correct. Some other answer options may be partially correct - ensure you choose the MOST correct answer option.

The exercise lasts for 10 minutes and contains 7 questions.

This exercise is designed to be completed on a desktop or laptop.

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Potential Alooba Customers

Note, this free test is only a small sample of what’s available on Alooba. Our paid product has 3500+ questions, across 50+ technical skills, soft skills, personality and intelligence.

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