Free SQL Test

What Skills are Covered?

This exercise assesses SQL skills. It also assesses the ability to interpret data models, interpret questions, attention to detail and data wrangling.


This is a free practice Alooba World exercise. For the SQL exercise you will need to write SQL queries which will be validated against a database.

Your query output will be compared with the expected output for the question. You will be awarded full marks if the output matches the expected output, and some partial marks if your answer is close. The outputted column names are not considered, only the order of the outputted columns. Ensure you read the question thoroughly and provide the output expected.

Ensure you execute your query and check the output before submitting. You may execute your queries as many times as needed. The database will be reset to its initial state before each execution.

The exercise lasts for 8 minutes and contains 1 question.

This exercise is designed to be completed on a desktop or laptop.

You will complete your details on the next page and receive the unique link via email.

Best of luck!

About SQLite

Your queries will be executed using a database engine which is compliant with the majority of basic SQL syntax. Ensure your queries use ANSI SQL. You cannot use any database specific functions or syntax.

A few points when writing your queries:

  • Each question must be answered with a single SQL query.
  • RIGHT JOIN is not supported. Use LEFT JOIN instead.
  • FULL OUTER JOIN is not supported.
  • TOP is not supported. Use LIMIT at the end of the query instead.
  • The CONCAT function is not supported. Use || instead.
  • Most date functions such as NOW and DATE_FORMAT are not supported. Treat dates as text instead.
  • ILIKE is not supported. Using LIKE will be case insensitive.
  • EXTRACT is not supported.
  • LEFT and SUBSTRING are not supported. Try SUBSTR instead.
  • Your queries will be automatically saved and will be recorded upon moving to the next question or when the timer runs out.

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