Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a recruiter. Can I use Alooba?

Absolutely. Candidates can put anything on a CV. As a recruiter, you most likely don’t come from an analytical background yourself, making it very hard for you to assess the candidates’ technical skills. By putting your candidates through an Alooba assessment, you benchmark your candidate’s abilities, pre qualifying them and getting piece of mind. When you present the candidate to the client, you can present their results on Alooba. This will allow your client to get a picture of the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, helping to guide their interview process. Combined with your notes on the candidate’s soft skills, cultural fit and work experience, this will make for an excellent customer experience for your client.

I’m a hiring manager. Can I use Alooba?

Absolutely. Alooba For Work is designed specifically for you. With Alooba For Work, you can create customised assessments to suit your exact role. Screen your candidates easily, quickly and scalably with our MCQ quizzes. Choose questions from 10 core subjects in data: SQL, Python, R, Statistics, Data Wrangling, Visualisations, Relational Databases, Data Science, Product Analytics and Data Literacy.

For a more in depth understanding of your candidates abilities, you can ask them to complete an Alooba assignment. With assignments, candidates receive real data, from a real business and have to solve real problems. These are fully customisable to suit the requirements of your particular role. The assignments delve into all core technical areas (SQL, Python, R, Statistics) and also softer skills (communication, business acumen and decision making).

You can sign up here for free and check out the platform.

I want to use Alooba to assess candidates for my role. How do I get started?

You can sign up here for Alooba For Work for free. Once signed up, you can create your own customised quiz, choosing questions from our 10 core subjects. Need any help? You can drop us a line here.

How do I sign up for Alooba For Work?

You can sign up for Alooba For Work here with your work email address. To ensure the integrity of the platform, we don’t allow generic email accounts.

How much does Alooba cost?

Alooba Community is our offering to the analytics community and is 100% free. Alooba For Work, our B2B platform, is a paid service. Please contact us(../contact us) to discuss pricing.

I’ve signed up for Alooba For Work. How do I pay?

We’re adding online payments soon. For the time being, we will invoice you. Payments can be made with any major credit card, or via bank transfer.

Which subjects can I assess my candidates in with Alooba For Work?

We have two products. Our MCQ screening tests, which offer a quick, scalable, affordable and efficient way to filter candidates. These allow you to test the candidate in 10 core areas of data: SQL, Python, R, Statistics, Relational Databases, Data Wrangling, Visualisations, Product Analytics, Data Science and Data Literacy.

Our assignment product assesses both hard and soft skills. With an assignment, the candidate gets real data, from a real business and has to solve real problems. From this, we can assess all technical skills (programming, statistics, databases etc.) and also core soft skills, such as business acumen, communication skills, decision making and more.

Where do your questions come from?

Our questions are all proprietary, created from scratch by our content team. Our content team consists of a variety of data professionals - data scientists, data analysts, data engineers and more. They have worked across a variety of industries including banking, fintech, travel, e-commerce, technology, consulting and NGOs. They’ve worked across a variety of functions, including product, marketing and commercial. These varieties of backgrounds has led to us developing a well-rounded set of questions from industry experts.

Our question curation process involves a subject matter expert creating the question, and then two other subject matter experts independently reviewing the question. This process ensures our questions are high quality.

I’d like to include my own questions in the test. How do I do this?

Awesome. We’re building this feature right now. It’s due to be completed by the end of 2019.

Your assessments seem to focus on hard skills. What about soft skills?

Great point! Good analysts have a mixture of both soft and hard skills. By their nature, hard skills are more black-and-white, and so are easier to test for. Our MCQ focusses on these such technical skills.

Our assignment product assesses both hard and soft skills. With an assignment, the candidate gets real data, from a real business and has to solve real problems. From this, we can assess all technical skills (programming, statistics, databases etc.) and also core soft skills, such as business acumen, communication skills, decision making and more.

We have roles that aren’t as advanced as data science, but still need strong analytical abilities. Do you have any tests for that?

Absolutely! Our Product Analytics, Data Wrangling, Data Literacy and Visualisations subjects are suitable for many roles. So many modern roles in business require people to take a data set, clean it up, dig into it and produce some basic insights. All these four subjects screen for these skills.

Which roles can we assess on Alooba?

You can assess any role you like. Our content is focused on any roles where data & analysis skills are essential. You can comfortably assess for these roles at least: data analyst, data scientist, data engineer, manager of analytics, analytics lead, analytics solutions architect, machine learning engineer, business intelligence analyst, product analyst, marketing analyst and product manager.

Additionally, many other roles in modern business require some level of ability to take a dataset, clean it up, dig into it and derive some simple insights. We have many questions, especially in our Data Literacy, Product Analytics, Visualisations and Data Wrangling topics which assess these skills.

How can I benchmark my candidates against your candidate pool?

We are building advanced benchmarking tools at the moment. We expect these to be available in Q1 2020. We’ll broadcast this on, and will email all our users.

We’re hiring our first analyst. Are you able to help?

Yes absolutely we can. Please reach out here for a free consultation and we’d be happy to help provide advice on who to hire, how and why.

You have some free tests on your site. Are these the same as the paid tests?

We offer free analytics tests to the community within Alooba Community. Individual analysts and data scientists can take these tests to assess their own skills, and to benchmark themselves against their peers. Each question comes with the correct answer, and an explanation of the answer. These questions DO NOT ever appear in our paid tests on Alooba For Work. Likewise, our paid test questions never appear in the free tests. This is to ensure the integrity of the tests for our paying corporate customers.

I’ve created an assessment. How do I invite candidates to it?

You can invite candidates here. There are three ways to invite candidates. You can invite them one-by-one using a form. You can do a bulk import using a .csv file. Finally, you can connect your Application Tracking System to Alooba, and sync the candidates. This allows you to automatically send invitations to candidates as soon as they have applied for your role, for example. This may require a customised integration which we’d love to help you with. You can discuss further with us here.

How can I preview an assessment before sending it to candidates?

You can create an assessment, and invite yourself as a candidate. If there are any questions that you don’t like, please reach out and we can further customise it to your requirements at no extra charge.

I’ve created an assessment and it’s in draft. How do I publish it?

From the dashboard, you can click on Complete Assessment. From there, you’ll need to fill-in any missing information and then publish the assessment. Please note, the platform will need to be unlocked for you to do this. Please contact us here to do it.

I’d like to automatically invite candidates to take the assessment. How can I do this?

Assuming you use an Applicant Tracking System, then you’ll need to connect it to Alooba to synchronize the candidates. This may require a customised integration which we’d love to help you with. You can discuss further with us here.

How do I remind candidates to take the assessment?

We automatically remind the candidate 48 hours after the initial invitation was sent if they haven’t completed the assessment yet.

How do I get notified once a candidate has completed an assessment?

When you create the assessment, there is a simple tick box which allows you to receive this email. Please tick it, and then you’ll get an email as soon as every candidate completes the assessment. If you are inviting a whole volume of candidates to sit the assessment, you may want to create an email rule to send these emails to a folder. The email will come from our admin inbox, and the subject will include ‘a candidate has completed your assessment on Alooba’.

How can I see who has completed the assessment so far?

Once logged-in, please go to the candidates page for the assessment. You’ll see every candidate invited and see if they have completed the assessment or not.

Where can I see the candidate’s results?

Once the candidate completes the assessment, you can see their results from within your dashboard on the assessment candidates page. You’ll be able to see the overall score per candidate. You can export the results to a spreadsheet, which also shows a breakdown by subject and question difficulty. To see their results per question, click on the candidate for a more detailed summary of their results.

How can I see every answer a candidate gave to each question?

Once logged-in to the dashboard, go the results page and click Answers next to the candidate’s score that you’re interested in.

Can I get an export of all the candidate’s results?

Yes you sure can. Once logged-in to the dashboard, go the candidates page of the assessment and click Download Results. This will export the results into a .csv file.

Do you connect businesses with candidates?

If you have a specific requirement, please contact us. We have a strong network of candidates and it’s growing quickly.

Do you offer a technical interview service?

Yes we do. For businesses who are early on in their analytics journey, we can add a lot of value by interviewing your analyst candidates. Please contact us for more information if this sounds like it would be valuable to you.

My colleagues also need access to our Alooba For Work account to manage candidates, set up assessments, review performance etc. How can I add them?

No problems. Once logged-in, you can add them from the hiring team page.

I’d like to include your test content in my product/website. Do you have an API?

Yes – please contact us here to discuss.

Can you design a customised test to suit our hiring needs?

We sure can. Get in touch with us for a free consultation.

I’m a job candidate who has been invited to take an assessment on Alooba. Where do I complete it?

You should have received an invitation email from us. Please click the unique link in the email. You will arrive at Alooba and you can complete the assessment from there.

I’m a candidate and was asked to complete an assessment on your platform. How do I find out the results?

At the moment, we don’t share results directly with candidates. It’s up to the company’s discretion to release these results or not. You should reach out to the hiring manager directly.

I’m a job seeker. Can I use Alooba?

Absolutely. We’re building out Alooba Community. It’s in its early stages, but at the moment we have a free data analytics test that you can take from our home page. You can take the test for free and once completed, you can see the answers to all the questions, explanations and some basic benchmarking of your own skills. Armed with this feedback, you’ll be able to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

I’ve completed my free test. Where do I see my results?

Once you’ve finished your free test, please complete the signup process. You can sign up with Gmail, LinkedIn or any email address. It’s 100% free and always will be.

I’ve forgotten my password. Where can I reset it?

You can reset your password here.

I can’t seem to log in. Can you please help?

Hmmm, that’s strange. We’d suggest resetting your password here first. If that doesn’t work, please contact us.

Where do I log-in?

You can log in to Alooba here from the log-in tab.

I have some feedback for you. Where can I leave it?

We’d love to hear to it. Please send any feedback here.