Free Data Analytics Test

What Skills are Covered?

Numerous skills and knowledge areas are covered during this assessment, including: Basic Stats, SQL, Python, R, Data wrangling, Data analysis, Data development, Reporting, Visualisation, Data ecosystem.


The test is a multiple choice quiz. There are 5 answers options, with one answer which is most correct. Some other answer options may be partially correct - ensure you choose the MOST correct answer option.

The test lasts for 50 minutes and contains 50 questions. You will probably find it very hard to complete all the questions in this time. Do not worry - this is normal.

Make sure you complete the form at the end of the test to receive your test result and the answers.

This test is designed to be completed on a desktop or laptop. A decent sized tablet will be ok, but a mobile screen will be too small to see all the details. Best of luck!