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With Alooba for Work you can:


 1. Efficiently and fairly assess your candidates across over 20 core skills in data (including Analytics, Python, R, SQL, Statistics, Visualisations and more)

 2. Save wasted time interviewing unsuitable candidates

 3. Get a clear picture of a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses prior to interview

 4. Benchmark candidates against our unique dataset

 5. Screen candidates quickly and efficiently using our assessments, or do a deepdive into a candidate’s abilities with our assignments

 6. Reduce concious and unconscious bias in your process by replacing CV screening with fair skills-based assessments


 This 30 minute demo covers:


 - How to get testing candidates in minutes with our role templates

 - How to create customised tests, perfectly matching your requirements

 - How to invite candidates individually, in bulk or with our public link

 - How to review and interpret the candidate’s results

 - How to access Alooba assignments

 - Which pricing models are available


 We’ll share our screen with you, so it’ll be best if you are at your computer, iPad or laptop at the time

Select a date & time and we will send you an email with a Google Meet video conferencing link: